Are repetitive day-to-day tasks

distracting you from generating

new business?

You probably know all the work that must be done to make your business thrive and grow. You probably know all the positions that need to be filled to do all this work. You’re probably filling these roles yourself. And you probably know that all this working ‘in’ the business is pulling you away from working ‘on’ the business and attracting new customers and more sales.

You could hire an employee but perhaps you don’t have enough work or money to employ someone. Or perhaps you don’t have enough space to accommodate an employee or to pay for office equipment and supplies.

There is a third option…

Some reasons to...

Hire a virtual assistant

“My business isn’t generating enough income to employ someone.”

You pay me only for the work that needs to be done. You don’t need to pay for my breaks, holidays or medical expenses. You’ll only be charged (in minutes) for how long the task takes to complete. If a task takes only 10 minutes to complete, that’s all you’ll pay.

“My business doesn’t provide enough work to employ someone.”

You don’t need to employ me full-time or even part-time. You just pay for however long a task takes to do. No employment contracts. No commitment. I’m here to help whenever you need, simply drop me an email or call when you have the next assignment.

“I’m too busy to handle my basic administration, but I know it’s important.”

Give me your basic admin tasks to handle and focus on tasks that you need to do to push your business forward. I’ll prepare and send your invoices and make sure your contacts are updated and well-organised. Or whatever other admin tasks you dislike doing.

How small businesses use my services (in their words)…
Catherine RushforthDirector, Catherine Rushforth and Associates Limited, a specialist Safeguarding and Child Protection Service

“David was quick to grasp the nature of my business, build an effective relationship with my co-ordinator and inject his technical knowledge which has significantly enhanced our marketing processes, as well as providing a lift in our customer care standards. His capacity to 'really tune in and hear', interpret your specific needs and then provide a fitting response is second to none.”

Ishreen BradleyDirector and Founder, Bizas Coaching & Consulting

“David not only manages minor admin activities for me - such as scheduling meetings, compiling presentations and handling our email campaigns - he is a key member of the team - programme managing one of our largest programmes; making sure all our associates stay up to date with client communications; reconciling cash flow for one of my businesses and generally contributing fresh thinking and ideas to my projects and initiatives in a way that enhances overall quality and client value. ”

Mel LarsenPrincipal, Mel Larsen & Associates

“David has added freedom and ease in my working life. From the moment we started working together, I gained more time and peace of mind due to his efficient and calm approach to everything I ask of him. Without the stress I previously experienced, I can now focus on the bigger picture.”

Rob DrummondCopywriter and Trainer at The Confusion Clinic

“I contacted David as a temporary measure to help keep my business running while I was away on honeymoon. I've hired various virtual assistants in the past from different locations around the world and have been unhappy with the outcome. The thing I like about working with David is I never need to check what he has done for me. If anything HE checks what I have done! His grammar and writing abilities are excellent. It is great to know that I can give him a process to follow and he will reliably implement it.

Sarah BedellFounder and Director, Aspirational Arts Partnerships

“David has been invaluable by taking a variety of tasks off my hands, freeing me up to focus on my business. The quality of his work is very high – he instantly understands what is necessary – and consistently delivers on time.”

Simon HarrisFounder, Unique Property Company

“"We have been working with David for some time now and his excellent work with dealing with many administration matters has allowed us to free up a lot of non-fee-earning time and generate significantly more business. David works seamlessly and we have had excellent feedback from many of our clients as to the efficiency and professionalism that these aspects are now being dealt with. David has become a hugely valuable asset to our business."

Lawrence BentFounder, New London Property

“"David is an ongoing asset to our business and we find more work for him to do so we can concentrate on new business... [his service is] personable, good value, high integrity."”

Your Personal Assistant

David MacGregor

My background is in biology and for the most recent one-third of my life, I have been studying monkeys and apes. I’ve chased chimpanzees through the riverine forests of the East African Rift Valley; observed red-tailed monkeys leap through the tree canopy in Western Uganda and followed olive baboons closely as they stomp through the jungles of Eastern Nigeria.

I began using my research and organisation skills to support small businesses as a means to fund my PhD studies in biological anthropology. I completed my doctorate in 2014 and now work full-time supporting a variety of clients in diverse business sectors such as real estate; marketing; arts; personal and business coaching; safeguard training; circus and performing arts; homelessness charity; and relocation and concierge services.

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