Circus Futures is a UK-based organisation that works on projects relating to talent development for circus artists. It is the UK & ROI Co-organiser for CircusNext, an initiative involving nine core organisations and one main coordinator, which is a 2.5 million euros, four-year project (2013-2017) seeking to assist emerging circus artists across Europe.

Why Circus Futures approached me for support?

Circus Futures wanted a website created for their part of the European project. The site was to be a place to promote the work of UK circus artists that were chosen to be laureates each year. The site would also be a place for sharing UK circus related news and opportunities and a simple contact form.

Circus Futures were also looking for someone to handle the on-going management of expenses and the end of year financial reports.

Period of support

July 2015 – present

Type of support provided

Administrative and creative

I highly recommend the services that David MacGregor provides. As a freelancer he works with me on a number of different projects ranging from Culture Europe funded initiatives with multiple partners through to web based companies. Each month a series of activities takes place within the projects and these require external support with a high level of efficiency and attention to detail. Some activity is planned in advance and other elements are more a "can of worms" that I open which then require extra care and are passed to David MacGregor. Over the years that David MacGregor has worked for me he has skilfully combined functional component strengths (web development research, analysis etc) with an intelligent approach. This means my jobs always are completed to a high standard and the process has been fully thought through. Unlike other remote consultants David MacGregor is able to spots the gap in what I am asking for and comment, for example, "it sounds like you are trying to achieve X, have you thought about Y?" which greatly enhances the result. Equally, he is content to just take a task, complete it and send it back. Excellent billing system also so the time used and costs expended are very clear. Has a sensitive approach with confidential information. Wholly trustworthy.

Verena CornwallArts and Heritage Senior Manager, Circus Futures, reviewashow.com, Circus Development Network