Equality-based Community Support & Training (ECSAT) is a humanitarian charity based in Sri Lanka.

ECSAT provide holistic support and capacity building services in the community to marginalised people and their families, enabling them to access their rights alongside their peers. They provide a source of education of disadvantaged children. They run outreach and training programmes to help people learn new life, social and working skills.

How did we end up working together?

ECSAT is based in Sri Lanka. I am based in Europe. The director of ECSAT contacted me after working with a mutual friend. I offered to support this important charity with some pro bono design work.

What did I do for ECSAT?

Working with some provided copy and images and a simple colour palette I arranged and styled the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 Annual Report. There were so many lovely images that I decided to feature these photos of ECSAT employees and members of the communities that they support.

Date of work

June 2017 and May 2018

Type of support provided

Design. Desktop publishing with Adobe InDesign.

ECSAT annual report
ECSAT Annual report 2018 inside pages
ECSAT Annual Report 2018 inside pages
ECSAT Annual Report 2018 inside pages
ECSAT Annual Report 2018 inside pages

What did ECSAT’s director Roshan think about the work I did for him?

Q: When my colleague first put you in touch with me, did you have any doubts or objections in mind with the prospect of working with me?
Roshan: I did not have any doubts as you were recommended by someone I have worked with in the past.  I knew that she would never introduce a person who is not good. So, I was very confident and had no objections in working with you.

Q: What did you find as a result of working with me on this project?
Roshan: After few email conversation, I started feeling very positive about you. The main thing I found is your designs has something unique touch. It is simple and touching which made me understand it is better to have different people providing support. It adds value and gives a different taste to the work that we do.

Q: What one specific thing did you like the most when working with me on this project?
Roshan: Efficiency and flexibility.

Q: Can you recall two or three other benefits you got when working with me on this project?


  • Good to work with different people which brings the new taste, knowledge and ideas.
  • Importance of efficiency even from the Volunteer.
  • Cultural understanding is not a barrier for creativity.

Q: Would you recommend my services to other individuals, small businesses or charity organisations? If so, why?

Roshan: Oh! of course, yes. Because of your creative simple designing ability. Also, you have an ability to understand the context very quickly even in a different cultural context. Also, the professional manner you work with and the efficiency. Most people who volunteered to ECSAT supported when only they have time and they do not try to meet deadlines since their services were free. But you did not work as if you were a volunteer, you always did your best to finish the work as soon as possible and the according to your level best.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Roshan: You are a real human who I met in my short lifespan with a real heart. We need more people like you in this world. I have met many people in my life, but have met a very few who got the real humanitarian qualities. YOU are one of them. We both have not seen each other yet, but work like we have been known to each other for a long time. Keep up your good qualities and the good work.


Roshan Samarawickrama
Programme Manager, Equality-based Community Support & Training