From their centre on Deptford Broadway, the 999 Club offer services for homeless people. As well as people who sleep rough, they support those who are vulnerably housed; sofa surfing or living in temporary accommodation.

People who have nowhere to live can come to their Gateway centre to have a shower, do their laundry and eat breakfast. They can also access healthcare from visiting nurses, mental health workers and health professionals.

Why the 999 Club approached me for support?

Shortly after deciding that I wanted to offer my services to a charity, I was approached by the 999 Club. I chose to support them because they not only give a helping hand to people living on the streets, but provide the support and tools to help people completely move beyond their current circumstances and improve their lives.

I’m supporting the 999 club as a web developer. I initially helped to revamp their website into one that makes it easier for people to contact the charity, donate money and be informed about charity news and events. With the website finished I now make sure the site is kept up to date and backed-up. If there’s any technical problems, I’m on call to help.

Period of support

September 2015 – present

Type of support provided

Website development. Ongoing site maintenance and update. Flyer and poster design.